What is a Ditch Rider?

What is a Ditch Rider?

I sometimes get ideas from the strangest places. This one came one Sunday afternoon from watching another old western movie, Red River Valley, starring Gene Autry. Gene and his sidekick Frog set out to find the person or persons causing the accidents at a dam construction site.

During a fight, someone called Gene a ditch rider. Not sure how he meant it. But the light bulb flashed on! (light bulb image)

Ditch rider! Hmmm…what is that? Off I went to look it up.

This is too cool. Here’s what a ditch rider does:

*exterminates rodents
*maintains ditch banks and monitors for erosion
*monitors right-of-way for trespassing and unauthorized use
*contacts water users to determine the quantity of water needed
*may take annual crop census and make weed and other surveys
*prepares the ditch/channel/canal for water flow by removing debris
*regulates the head-gates for water flow according to water use and loss
*makes emergency repairs by patching breaks and leaks and filling holes
*may supervise crew workers cleaning ditches and other maintenance work
*patrols assigned area to detect signs of instability, failure, or weak or damaged areas
*may patrol at night to determine that water is flowing in prescribed volume into user’s ditches
*manages and is responsible for delivering water through ditches/channels/canals to farmers for irrigating crops and fields so that the crops produce the necessary harvest

Don’t you find that interesting? I sure do! ‘Course, I’m also a little weird. But don’t you think the Lord is our Ditch Rider? Doesn’t the Holy Spirit ride His chariot along the ditch/channel of our lives, checking on the Living Water supply?

If the Lord is the manager of our lives, then He is responsible for delivering His Living Water through us as channels that the garden/crop/field of our lives produces the necessary harvest.

He keeps in touch with us as His water users and determines how much water each one of us needs. Regulating the gate of our hearts, He adjusts the water flow according to what we can use, what we have lost, or how dry we are.

Water not flowing properly in a water user’s life? He sees to it that any weeds or debris are removed, for if our ditch/channel is full of obstructions, it will be sluggish. The water will be hindered from flowing freely and stagnation can become a problem, resulting in a lack of clean water and power.

As our Ditch Rider, He inspects for signs of instability or failure, patrolling our hearts to detect any leaks, breaks, weak areas, or damage. He checks for any erosion and makes emergency repairs by patching breaks and leaks and filling holes when necessary.

Got any pesky rodents in your life? The Lord will get rid of them and monitor for other trespassers and unauthorized users.

He supervises us as His crew workers as we clean and do other maintenance work. He also appraises the crops we are producing.

The Lord never gives up watching over us, overseeing us during the day and surveying us at night to determine that water is flowing in the amount necessary for our use.

Jesus said, “Have faith in Me, and you will have life-giving water flowing from deep inside you.” (John 7:38 CEV)

Don’t you find it encouraging that the Lord is your Ditch Rider and is always working for the best flow in your life?

The Lord…our Ditch Rider!


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