Using Quotes in Your Book Marketing Efforts


quotes in book marketing

In this paid CrossReads Author Training, Shelley Hitz covers using quotes in your book marketing efforts.

What You Will Learn:

 How to use quotes (your own and others) on Goodreads, Pinterest and Tumblr to market your books

 Learn exactly how to do this by watching Shelley on her screen giving you step-by-step instructions.

 Learn how to create your own quote images using free royalty-free photos (Shelley shares her favorite site) and a free online tool.

 The best part?  This is a marketing technique you can implement right away, no matter your budget or technical skills! Learn several other Pinterest tips and tricks for authors in this advanced training.

What You Will Get:

Note:  This training is FREE to our paid members (silver, gold and platinum) and you can access it here.

  • You will get a 28 minute video tutorial where Shelley SHOWS you on her screen step-by-step how to implement this strategy into your book marketing efforts.
  • You will also get the links to all the sites Shelley mentions in the training.

Watch This Introduction Video:  Pinterest Tips & Tricks

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