CrossReaders Book Review: Cat Tales and Whiskers by Ciella Naden

CrossReaders Book Review: Cat Tales and Whiskers by Ciella Naden

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Title: Cat Tales and Whiskers

Author: Ciella Naden

Rating: five stars

About the Book

Cat Tales and Whiskers is the name of a book store in Soulville. When fourteen-year-old Ash stumbles upon it, his troubles begin. A demonic scarecrow, a witch, and a generational curse are just a few problems Ash must face in this story. This novelette has a strong Christian message and touches on demonic possession and witchcraft. It is recommended for young adults or mature middle grade readers.


Received my copy and finished it in the same night (which is unusual for me)!
Like so many others these days, I’ve become so digitally minded that books have lost their appeal for me. However, from the first page, I was hooked on Cat Tales and Whiskers! This intriguing book is an easy read that held my attention from start to finish.
The young author (whom I know personally) surprised me with her ability to express her faith in a way that also entertains.
I will recommend this book to all over the age of 10, even adults (I’m 60).
Thanks, Ciella Naden. Be sure to let me know when you publish the next book!

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