CrossReaders Book Review: Simply a Homemade Clean by Lisa Barthuly

CrossReaders Book Review: Simply a Homemade Clean by Lisa Barthuly

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Title: Simply a Homemade Clean

Author: Lisa Barthuly

Rating: Five

About the Book

Author Lisa Barthuly asks, “Would you like to rid your home of commercial, toxic products but don’t want to pay the price for the ‘all natural’, ‘organic’ products that line the shelf? Learn to make your own! Create everything from your own laundry soap, to homemade dryer sheets, antibacterial spray cleaners, potpourri blends, fabric softeners, calendula salve, homemade ‘Vaseline,’ handcrafted Eucalyptus Chest Rub…even tips for the outside of the homestead and much more!”

A must have book for those looking not only to simplify, but to cut that grocery bill down, create a healthier environment for our families, and revive the art of making our own!


What a handy book to keep around! Lisa Barthuly has written a good sense dialogue, understandable – and as Lisa affirms herself – not always easy to formulate, but healthy and effective to the needs each formula addressed. The listing of contents impressed me at how effortlessly each chapter could be found by only a few descriptive words in the title. It was fun to see the pictures she added at the beginning of each section.

As I enjoyed reading the recipes, my nose began to pick up the scent of those old products used by my mother, grandmother and the old-fashioned way they were used. The soap “Fels-Naptha” was mentioned several times and I could actually smell that wonderful fresh aroma of clothes and bedding being washed in that product, hung on a line outdoors. What a refreshing bed it made to sleep in that night. (Sigh)

Before Lisa ventured into making her homemade recipes, she thoroughly researched labels and information about the products she was buying and using on her family. She expressed shock that these products were on store shelves and started cutting those products out of their lives and learned how to make her own products for every kind of personal use and household cleaning with natural God made ingredients. Ms. Barthuly also included vivid warnings about using certain commercial products together, like “NOTE: Never combine chlorine bleach with ammonia, vinegar, or lemon juice. Extremely toxic fumes will be produced!”

The skin is our biggest organ and everything you put on it or around it gets absorbed INTO it. I added this sentence as a separate paragraph, because of its utmost importance of why we should possibly reassess what we are putting next to our skin and into our systems altogether. Every page of this book was educational, inspirational, and informative of the “art of natural” – and I made many notes. The cost differences between the commercial and homemade products is astounding.

The fascinating subject of essential oils and how they should be used is new to me and a definite must on my “gotta learn list.” Oh…and the things one can do with vinegar in a thousand different ways, no less than baking soda, borax, herbs, and potpourri made from flowers from your garden. Don’t forget to collect those old spray bottles, canning jars, etc., because you’ll need all of this equipment to make everything from killing mold to freshen vegetables, from smelly feet to bad breathe.

Lisa Barthuly’s enthusiasm and belief in what she writes is clear and enlightening. My own enthusiasm grew with each page and new idea to try. She wrote some very easy and simple hints so perhaps you wouldn’t be frightened away from learning the “old-new” remedies to keep your family safe from possible life threatening diseases and illnesses the manufactured products might cause. She wrote timely true facts from researched and well written information that should be made aware to all. Lisa has made a lucid example of herself through her ways of saving money as well as mentoring good health. Lisa has my admiration and respect for caring enough about others to write about seeking God’s ways in each area of your everyday life. Already I have recommended her book to family and friends, and will continue to do so in my community, my place of worship, and in conversations. Most of all, in sharing what these examples will do for others – I will prove that one is never too old to learn!

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This review was submitted by: Barb Shelton – please visit her website at BLESSED BY GRACE and PASSING IT FORWARD