CrossReaders Book Review: Friend Me by Jon Faubion

CrossReaders Book Review: Friend Me by Jon Faubion

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Title: Friend Me

Author: Jon Faubion

Rating: five out of five stars

About the Book

John Faubion’s debut suspense novel, “Friend Me” delves into the effects on marriage when a husband and wife separately seek online friendship rather than each other. Already stressed by overwork, loneliness, and low self-esteem, what starts out innocently develops into a deadly scenario.


This book hints of Hitchcock and our fears as we’ve all thought of the scary possibility of someone taking advantage of our information and invading our lives. With real-life progress in facial recognition, avatars, privacy invasion via computer, and the popularity of on-line networking systems, this book is cutting edge. I must warn you that this story will leave you uneasy and make for a night of unrest if you don’t read all the way through. Well told, it moves forward to a conclusion that brings relief. I weary of reading books that aren’t compelling. This was a surprise and a pleasure.

I am marginally conflicted about the quickness with which forgiveness is offered. Faubion does support this event as a choice to lean on God to supply forgiveness that doesn’t come easily or naturally. I have experienced God’s sufficient grace and believe this miracle could happen. A non-believer may have a harder time with it or be impacted by the reality of God’s power. All in all this makes for a fine read.

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