New Christian Story Collection Grows Faith

New Christian Story Collection Grows Faith

A new anthology encourages young readers to live for God. Entitled Growing Faith: Stories with a Message for Today’s Youth, the book is a unique collection of stories aimed at readers nine and up.

Compiled and edited by Cheryl Rogers, publisher of New Christian Books Online Magazine, Growing Faith teaches the importance of love and obedience, shows how to surrender your life to God, and shares what it’s like to walk in the gifting and calling of the Holy Spirit.

“It is my hope and prayer that this collection will lead many young people closer to God,” Rogers says. Growing Faith, now available as an ebook through Amazon, retails for $2.99.

Contributing to the collection are:

* Edith Edremoda, author of Run with Me, a tale about a young girl and boy that like to race home from school together – until he learns he has a hole in his heart.

* David C. Russell, author of Good Days, Restful Nights, about a couple of middle schoolers who learn shoplifting is a bad idea. This story features familiar characters from his book Winds of Change, including Seth Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley.

* Kim Leatherman, author of Pizza and a Cross, the story of a young girl who feels unloved and wanted – until she learns about Jesus.

The collection also contains three short stories by Rogers, including Visit with God, the story about a girl who visits father God in heaven during a dream; Zack and the Space Coast Caper,  a book about Zack and his friends from Rogers’ ebooks Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, Alone in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, and Where’s Zack? A Reading Quest; and Holy Ghost Stories, a tale featuring Barry from her ebook Just Like Jonah Wail Tales and the parent/teacher guide Just Like Jonah Wail Tales Workbook. New Christian Books Online Magazine is a free online publication about the latest kingdom-building books for readers of all ages.

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CrossReaders Book Review: Secrets Kept by J L Mbewe

CrossReaders Book Review: Secrets Kept by J L Mbewe

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Title: Secrets Kept

Author: J L Mbewe

Rating: Four out of Five stars

About the Book

Secrets Kept, by J L Mbewe, is the fantasy story of a young woman, Ayianna, who discovers she’s betrothed to a stranger and loses her family in one fell sweep. Then she is thrust together with three unlikely companions–a prince, an elf guard, and her betrothed–to flee for their lives, and then go on a quest.


I enjoyed this book very much, but it isn’t the best I book I have ever read. Ayianna and her friends traveled all over their fantasy world called Nalu, encountering some things I found rather new to the fantasy world, such as childlike monsters that dissolve into dust when killed or an evil harpy lord who preys on virgin girls. I enjoyed the adventure of the novel and the secrets that nearly every character hides, and of course the lies they use to cover them up. There were also scores of unanswered questions hanging over their heads throughout the tale, and only some of them were answered in the end.
However, I found that there were too many unanswered questions. Every good book needs such questions to pull the reader in, but this one had questions that needed answers, such as what a word means exactly or how one race survived the massacre without its queen (the supposed only survivor) at least knowing something. I also thought there were too many gods to keep track of, and the Shadow God had so many different names that I couldn’t keep him separate in my mind from the other gods.
Despite this, Secrets Kept was an intriguing book left begging for a second book!
Things you should know: There was a number of spells cast on the people by the sorceress and her minions. Monsters abounded. The sorceress was known for sexual immorality. There was also a graphic description of a massacre and numerous battles against evil. Also, the characters accidentally traveled into a hell/abyss sort of place that wasn’t very well defined as to what exactly it was.

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Second Bible Camp Mystery Teaches Power of Prayer to Heal

Second Bible Camp Mystery Teaches Power of Prayer to Heal


The second in a series of Bible Camp Mysteries for preteens and teens, Alone in the Woods, shows the power of faith in action. Former New York gang leader Chet Harrigan, and his group of 10- to 16-year-old boys, step out in faith when they encounter a woman living deep in the Central Florida backwoods to avoid electricity.

The woman, Sandy, is suffering from a severe immune disorder, Environmental Illness. But when two boys wander from the hiking trail and discover her, Chet senses God has bigger plans.

“Chet is able to lead her to the Lord and, through group prayer, God heals her,” the author, Cheryl Rogers, says.

In Alone in the Woods, the wilderness guides needs guidance, the chef goes missing, and a forest fire drives Sandy from her wilderness retreat. Readers see Chet and his gang seek God and obey, even though it means changing their own plans.

The newly released ebook, which retails for $2.99, is available in multiple ebook formats from e-retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Sony.

Rogers, a freelance writer with a newspaper background, came to know the Lord as an adult through her own bout with Environmental Illness. When she surrendered her life to God, he healed her. She has since dedicated herself to spreading the good news about God’s salvation, and encouraging others to seek God early and stay connected to his Word.

Rogers writes fiction and nonfiction for all ages. Among her books is a devotions book aimed at new and young Christians. Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, teaches core biblical principles while encouraging readers to spend time daily with God.

The first book in her Bible Camp Mystery series, Lost in the Woods, involves the disappearance of 13-year-old Zack. No-see-ums, a bout of food poisoning and an  approaching hurricane make their outdoor adventure more challenging than anticipated.


 cherylrogers2x31Cheryl Rogers publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine, where readers can learn about, and authors can publicize, the latest kingdom-building books. Visit the magazine at


CrossReaders Book Review: Cat Tales and Whiskers by Ciella Naden

CrossReaders Book Review: Cat Tales and Whiskers by Ciella Naden

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Title: Cat Tales and Whiskers

Author: Ciella Naden

Rating: five stars

About the Book

Cat Tales and Whiskers is the name of a book store in Soulville. When fourteen-year-old Ash stumbles upon it, his troubles begin. A demonic scarecrow, a witch, and a generational curse are just a few problems Ash must face in this story. This novelette has a strong Christian message and touches on demonic possession and witchcraft. It is recommended for young adults or mature middle grade readers.


Received my copy and finished it in the same night (which is unusual for me)!
Like so many others these days, I’ve become so digitally minded that books have lost their appeal for me. However, from the first page, I was hooked on Cat Tales and Whiskers! This intriguing book is an easy read that held my attention from start to finish.
The young author (whom I know personally) surprised me with her ability to express her faith in a way that also entertains.
I will recommend this book to all over the age of 10, even adults (I’m 60).
Thanks, Ciella Naden. Be sure to let me know when you publish the next book!

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New YA Bible Study Plan Available

New YA Bible Study Plan Available


Now there’s a Bible lesson plan for Just Like Jonah Wail Tales, a short story collection teaching there’s a price to pay when you disobey to 10- to 14-year-olds. Just Like Jonah Wail Tales Workbook is aimed at parents, Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders and all those who want to share their faith with young people.

Wail tales are exaggerated tales of woe, or fish tales, where the main characters land in a whale of trouble, just like Jonah in the Bible. They turn to God and learn he hears their call when they fall.

“This workbook edition will provide relevant Scriptures and discussion questions to help parents and teachers hone in on the different ways the main characters disobey,” says author Cheryl Rogers, who publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine. “It’s also good for individual Bible study.”

Just Like Jonah Wail Tales Workbook contains eight short stories, with modern Jonahs who mess up in assorted ways. One is prideful and needs to learn about serving, another is fearful, another skips her math homework when it’s too hard, another is selfish, and another hosts an underage drinking party when his parents aren’t home. The ebook teaches the biblical path of salvation through the example of these characters who call upon the name of the Lord.

“It is my goal to teach these youngsters early through the mistakes of these fictitious characters, so they hopefully can avoid living through wail tales of their own,” Rogers says.

A former newspaper reporter, Rogers came to know the Lord as an adult through a serious illness. “There is so much I didn’t know,” she says, “although I went to church regularly.”

So Rogers has dedicated herself to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through her writing, which includes fiction and nonfiction for all ages.

Her original Just Like Jonah Wail Tales is a short story collection without the discussion questions and Scripture citations, which can be read individually or used by students in group Bible studies.

Her free ebook The Lesson of Jonah: There is a Price to Pay When You Disobey includes one story with discussion questions, plus Scripture cites and optional homework.

Also for the 10- to 14-year-old market, Rogers has written a mystery/adventure about a group of 10- to 16-year-old boys who head to the Florida backwoods for a back-to-nature retreat. Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery is the first in her new series about the youth group from a Central Florida community church.

When Bible Den’s Leader Chet Harrigan takes his group to the backwoods they are expecting adventure, but they get more of it than they planned. The bumbling adventures of this relatively inexperienced group of campers keep readers guessing. Thirteen-year-old Zack disappears in the middle of the night, more than half of the campers become ill, and a hurricane takes an unexpected turn in their direction. The boys must find Zack, and fast!

The wail tale collection, and Lost in the Woods: A Bible Camp Mystery, are available in multiple ebook formats from the New Christian Books Online Store ( and other e-retail outlets. Please contact the author at to order print copies.



A Miami native, Cheryl Rogers currently lives in Tampa, FL, with her husband and family. She does freelance writing, writes ebooks and publishes New Christian Books Online Magazine, a free online magazine publicizing kingdom building books through book announcements and excerpts. She also offers self publishing services to other authors.

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