Rate My Read – Ratings for Christian Fiction Books


Rate My Read - Ratings for Christian Books

Ever wish that books had ratings similar to movies?   If they did, it would help those of us following Christ to make informed decisions on the types of books we read.  Well, we have started a book rating system for Christian books.

Introducing…”Rate My Read”

“Rate My Read” is a service of CrossReads that will rate Christian fiction books in the following categories:

  • Sexual content (kissing, sex, homosexuality, etc.)
  • Violence (guns, fighting, blood/gore)
  • Profanity (count the # of instances)
  • Drug & alcohol Use
  • Other negative elements

Then, the book will be placed in the appropriate movie rating according to the standards set by the MPAA.  We are not attempting to give a definitive rating to the books but want to use terms that are familiar to you.  We are in no way associated with the MPAA.

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