One Throne

One Throne

by Sherry Chamblee

The elections are taking up everyone’s attention, and now we have the Olympics too. There are news stories pulling us in, tragedies and heartstring tuggers, good things and bad. Controversies surround us, decisions to be made on everything from what we wear to work in the morning, to whether or not we let our child go to the restroom in a public place on their own, to who we elect in the nation’s highest office.

We have children’s schedules, church ministries, family reunions, and special days to plan.

Everything and everyone pulls at our attention and chips away at our time.

With all of this going on, you know what we as Christians can forget sometimes?

We forget who’s really on the Throne – who is in control. Who is in control of US.

Two kids walk around one chair to a lively tune of Jesus Loves Me. The music stops, and the two kids scramble for the chair, laughing and shrieking, feet and arms and legs scrabbling for position as they each try to oust the other from the seat. Finally they both claim a corner of that same chair. Neither are sitting down completely, both are really half off, hanging over the air, one leg braced to keep themselves from falling over and giving in to their opponent’s pressure.

Neither is resting. Neither is comfortable. Neither is relaxed, because both are on high alert to see what the other is going to do.

This might be a friendly game of Musical Chairs that I’ve just described, but it isn’t so fun when we treat God this way over the Throne of our heart.

Sometimes – more times than we care to admit – we fight God for supremacy. We fight to get Him to give us just one corner of the Throne of our heart. We try to push Him off this one little piece, give us a little room so we can sit there, too. We don’t want to let Him take full possession of that chair.

And it leaves us uncomfortable, on edge, always on high alert wondering what ‘our opponent’ is going to do next – did you see that? We just made God our ‘opponent’.

Boy, I don’t want to have any part of me seeing God like a competitor against any part of me. Seems like that would be an unwise choice.

May I always let God have the entire Throne of my heart.

About the Author:

Sherry Chamblee

Sherry grew up in various cities around northern and central California. This gave her all sorts of stories that sat and festered in her brain, waiting to be let loose. She eventually went to college in Wisconsin, where she met her equally frenetic husband, Rich. They have six (yes, count them) children, two dogs and a cat, and currently reside in a madhouse in the southern California area. As a family, they enjoy being active in their local church. Sherry spends her time writing when not caring for Granny, the kids, the dogs, the cat and any number of strays in the neighborhood.

Sherry Chamblee can be found at Or check out her books at

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