Lord, May I? by Heather Bixler

Lord, May I? by Heather Bixler


But he gives us more grace.

“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.” – James 4:6

I think most of our prayers begin with:

  • “God, can you?”
  • “Lord can I have?”
  • “God I want…”

I remember in second grade I had a teacher who use to always make us say, “May I go to the bathroom?”

If we ever said, “Can I go to the bathroom?” She would always respond with “I don’t know, can you?” It used to drive me crazy. Having to use the words “may I” was a break down of my seven-year-old pride!

It felt awkward to say, “May I go to the bathroom.” I would often wonder why I had to say it that way especially when I didn’t have to at home.

It should be no surprise to you (my readers) that God has been working on the topics of humility and obedience with me. You see I have issues, and I am working on bringing them all to the light. One thing that has always been a huge problem in my life was submitting to authority. For some reason I feel I know enough to not have to submit to those in authority over me. …But this is NOT TRUE!

Today in prayer God gently convicted my heart in how I approach certain situations, and even my prayer to HIM. Often I tell people what I’m going to do, in particular I tell my husband what I’m going to do. I do not ask his permission enough, and I know that.

Then there is God, and my prayers to Him. I often approach Him with a huge sense of entitlement.

  • God give me this!
  • I’m just SO frustrated!
  • I want THIS!

Then today I just tried to approach Him by ASKING Him. I didn’t ask Him if He COULD give me something – of course He can give me ANYTHING.

Kind of like when the teacher asked if we could go to the bathroom, of course we can use the bathroom but we weren’t asking if we could, we just needed permission to do so.

It’s not a question as to whether God CAN but a matter of us gaining His permission to have the desires He has placed on our hearts.

Honestly, I think God is waiting patiently to show us His generosity. I can even say this when several desires of my heart have yet to be fulfilled.

God is a generous God.

He has always been faithful, even in the trials. He has always shown me that He sees me, and He is there. Never once does He allow me to remain in my own self-pity thinking that there is not a purpose, and reason, for the prayers that have not been answered the way I had hoped.

I know God doesn’t take our requests lightly, but sometimes I FEEL like He does. However, today as I learned to ask for permission instead of demanding results right now, He has been GRACIOUS, and I received my answers a lot quicker than usual.

Prayer has always come pretty easy to me. Writing out what I think and want comes naturally. I can have a conversation with God, no problem.

But the hard part is reconciling the “NO” with “Ask and it shall be given to you,” and God knows this. You see I was able to ASK Him the painful question, and He was willing to answer.

I have a problem with people who say God will never say NO to a prayer. Honestly that little bit of “encouragement” has always left me baffled. Didn’t he basically tell Jesus NO in the garden before His crucifixion? Didn’t He tell Adam and Eve they couldn’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Obviously we have convinced ourselves that God will never tell us NO so that we could have faith for the things we want.

But ask and it shall be given to you is simply God inviting us to ASK His permission to have the things He has already given to us.

Changing our prayers to asking for permission will drastically change how we pray. To often we approach the throne of grace with entitlement instead of thanksgiving. We are entitled to nothing, and yet God has given us EVERYTHING He ever loved and cherished through JESUS!

Asking for permission does one important thing, it brings God into Your life and you are opening up your heart to hear His guidance.

If we want God’s direction in our life, then we need to approach Him for guidance instead of praying for the things we want…

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