Healed or Not?

Healed or Not?

“Have compassion on me, Lord, for I am weak. Heal me, Lord, for my body is in agony. I am sick at heart. How long, O Lord, until You restore me? Return, O Lord, and rescue me. Save me because of Your unfailing love.” (Ps 6:2-4a NLT)

Have you ever cried out to God like David did? A relentless condition that displays itself spiritually may besiege us and sometimes be healed more quickly than one that is physical in nature. We realize that, in time, God always heals our spirits, if we allow Him.

However, we all wonder why God physically heals some people and, seemingly, not others. This question of life does not automatically receive an adequate answer, for God does not always pull back heaven’s curtain to permit us a peek backstage into the scripted plot of His plan of action.

Recently, I read a passage of scripture that had previously escaped my notice and, in a strange way, has helped me in wrestling with this question. Concealed in a story in John 5, it relates the healing of the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.

Arriving for one of the Jewish feasts, Jesus entered Jerusalem, possibly through the Sheep Gate, for it was from here that He strolled to the pool of Bethesda. I imagine this is what He saw…

A gathering of people, amassed around the fringe of Bethesda’s pool. The blind stood with the deaf. The withered sat with the weak and feeble. The diseased leaned against the porch pillars. The crippled lay on mats.

All anticipated the disturbance of the waters of healing, waiting to be the first to jump in like one in a flock of seagulls, hovering over a fishing dock, ready to swoop down for the catch of the day.

Jesus saw only one person. His eyes locked onto a man paralyzed for 38 years and laying on a mat. As He approached the man, He leaned over and asked him, “Would you like to be well?”

The man looked up into the most extraordinary eyes he had ever seen. “Sir,” he said, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water stirs, so someone always jumps in ahead of me.”

With a voice of power that could easily stir the waters on its own, Jesus said, “Stand up! Pick up your mat and start walking!”

As the man jumped up, the prickly sensation of healing surged through his limbs.

Nothing is said of any other healings that day. I wonder why not. Did those there just stare at Jesus in bewilderment? Did they focus only on the water, awaiting their turn? Did they desire not to be healed? Were they afraid?

Maybe God desired no further healings because they would have endangered Jesus’ life even more, for the Jews sought to kill Him for healing just this one man on the Sabbath. What might they have done if He had healed everyone? For whatever reason, it was God’s purpose not to heal any others at that moment.

In my relentless physical condition, I no longer feel adrift on a sea of doubt, wondering why I am not healed. Whether I am or not, I remain part of God’s purpose and praise Him for it.

He has whispered to my spirit that He will heal me and I trust Him to keep His promise. I hold His hand as a child holds its father’s hand in trust to cross a dangerous intersection. I know that healing is still in my future, whether it comes while I am here on earth or in heaven.

For various reasons, some are healed and some are not. God knows them all.

What about you? Are you shaking your fist at the Creator for not healing you or someone you love? Pray for God’s will in your life or another’s. Do not allow bitterness to set in if the answer is delayed. Praise the Lord for what He wants to do in your life and live your life in thanks and glory to Him.

May your soul be healed as well as your body.

LynnMosher (2)_cr 2Bio: At a time of physical upheaval in 2000, Lynn Mosher felt led of the Lord to take up her pen and write. With this new passion, she has embraced her mission to reach others through Christ-honoring literature, encouraging them in their walk and offering comfort through the written word. Lynn lives with her hubby (since 1966) in their Kentucky nest, emptied of three chicklets, and expanded by three giggly grand-chicklets, and an inherited dog. You can find out more about Lynn by visiting her website, Heading Home.

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  1. Thank you, Lynn, for being led by the Holy Spirit. This post helped me so much, as I’m watching my nephew fight the battle of cancer. Loved the scripture references. As one who was taught for many years that it was always God’s will to heal, and that if you didn’t get healed you didn’t have enough faith, this puts healing into perspective for me. Thanks for showing me the balance.
    Great post.
    God bless you as you endeavor to serve Him through your writing.

    • Oh, Debra, I am in tears. You don’t know how much your kind words have blessed me today. I am so humbled this touched your heart. Thank you so much! And thank you for the blessing.

      • Thank YOU for the blessing, Lynn. You will never know how much this post changed me. I was struggling with why even bother to pray. This post enlightened me and showed me to trust God in a way I’ve never trusted Him before. For that, I will always be grateful to you.

        • Once again, I’m brought to tears. My prayer is always that the Lord will touch the heart of someone who reads my words. My heart explodes with joy and thanksgiving whenever someone tells me that my words have, indeed, touched them. So thankful, Debra! Bless you!

  2. Lynn, I so love this post. Knowing of your condition. you speak with tenderness and compassion, straight from your heart. I include the story from John5 in my book! Bless you for sharing what so many wrestle with. You are a huge blessing, and are fulfilling your destiny through your writing.

  3. Lynn, your words are such a blessing and help for those who are suffering and wondering why God has not chosen to heal them. Often God’s will and purpose is better served through illness and the strength and empathy that are gained through it. There are different kinds of healing, and physical healing is just one of them. Thank you for sharing your insight and beautiful heart!

    • Hey, sweet Connie! I know you understand. It is puzzling to some why God chooses to wait or to not heal at all. Trust is what the Lord desires of us, isn’t it? Thanks so much, sweetie, for commenting. How you are feeling well. Blessings to you!

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