CrossReads Readers Blog, Submission Form

If you are a Silver, Gold, or Platinum CrossReads member, you can submit posts for our Readers Blog.  The blog posts every day, and you may submit for any day except Mondays, which are reserved for our Weekly Devotionals.

Posts MUST be geared toward readers.  Do NOT submit posts that would be found on blogs for authors only as these will be ignored.

You may submit devotionals, reader tips, or book promos.  If we have multiple submissions, preference for the post will be in that order (we will post the devotional before the other two).

We will have only one post per day, so if you want a specific day, submit it well in advance.

The post should be in the 300-700 word range.  Longer posts can be broken and run on consecutive days if the schedule allows.

CrossReads does not guarantee posts or post dates.  Posts will be used if at all possible, but CrossReads will determine if the content coincides with our site and mission and the date fits with our schedule.

Please make all posts you submit as error-free as possible.  The less editing we have to do, the better!

CrossReads Readers Blog Submission Form

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