Review: The Sin of Forgiveness by Edward F Mrkvicka, Jr

Review: The Sin of Forgiveness by Edward F Mrkvicka, Jr

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The Sin of Forgiveness

Author: Edward F Mrkvicka, Jr

Reviewer: Joseph Kinchloe

Rating: Five out of Five Stars

About the Book

Everything that I thought about forgiveness as a Christian was wrong. This book tackles the idea that we actually due harm to ourselves and others when we forgive unconditionally or blindly. There cannot be forgiveness without repentance.


I have always embraced a challenge and The Sin of Forgiveness did not disappoint. I received a a complimentary review copy from Mr. Mrkvicka and I learned how as Christians we are truly to forgive.

I am sure there will be some who disagree with the premise of this book which is that we are not to forgive unconditionally, which to many is contrary to what they believe. But I would caution those to rethink that view because everything in this book is completely backed by scripture.

I am grateful that someone has the courage to state what is really true according to the word of God, instead of just trying to not make waves.

I even tried as I was reading this book to find anything that would not support the ideas contained in it, such as that there must be repentance before you can forgive someone or that we must rebuke others when they have wronged us or sinned against God.

But with all the scriptures that I studied all I could find was confirmation and that is because this books entire premise is based on the Word of God.

I am grateful that I read this book because it has renewed a passion in me to study the word of God so that it is imprinted on my heart.

I would recommend to anyone who thinks or has been taught that we are to forgive unconditionally and blindly read this book and check it against the Bible and you will not be disappointed.

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This review was submitted by: Joseph Kinchloe

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