CrossReaders Book Review: Eyes of Honor by Jonathan Welton

CrossReaders Book Review: Eyes of Honor by Jonathan Welton

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Title: Eyes of Honor

Author: Jonathan Welton

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

About the Book

After struggling with sexual temptation for years, author Jonathan Welton devoted himself to finding a way to be completely free from sexual sin. He read books, attended 12-step groups, and participated in counseling—with no success.

Spurred on by countless friends and acquaintances who shared a similar broken struggle and longed for freedom, the author searched Scripture—there he found the answer and shares it with you in a compassionate, nonjudgmental way.

Eyes of Honor helps you understand how to live a life of purity by realizing:

Your personal identity.
How to view the opposite sex correctly.
Recognizing your enemies.

Eyes of Honor is honest and refreshing, offering hope and complete freedom and deliverance from sexual sin. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and your salvation guarantee rescue from the appetite of sin. Your true identity empowers you to stop agreeing with the lies of the enemy that ensnare you.

Eyes of Honor also offers REAL help for those struggling with any addiction, not just sexual issues, because the scriptures shared and effective application of the freedom Christ died and rose from the dead to give us gives true hope and an easy-to-follow path to true freedom and deeper faith in our God Who is bigger than the prince of this world.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Bravo, Brave Author Jonathan Welton!
As a fellow author who longs and prays daily for international revival and freedom from personal stumbling blocks, I wanted to cheer so many times when reading this book. FINALLY! Finally someone is standing up, even in the arena of porn, sex addiction and other sexual temptation with which satan whoops up on sincere Christ followers.

Christ did NOT earn a life of continuing slavery with His death, burial and resurrection. He earned a life of freedom. But if we keep putting back on the “old clothes,” we believe we’re still slaves to that old, skanky sin nature.

Thank you, Jonathan Welton, for going through the journey and grasping God’s heart on this. He’s a good, perfect God who has purchased ABUNDANT life for us.

I’m sharing this like crazy. Please read this now and do the same.

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