CrossReaders Book Review: Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould

CrossReaders Book Review: Adoring Addie by Leslie Gould



Adoring Addie


Title: Adoring Addie

Author: Leslie Gould

Rating: 4 Stars out of five

 About the Book

A doring Addie follows an only daughter, Addie Cramer, in a family of eight. She is shouldered with the household responsibilities as her mother is overcome with depression and has been for most of her married life.

When Addie meets Jonathan Mosier they fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately a feud between the two families threatens their relationship much like Romeo and Juliet. Add to that the bishop’s son believes Addie should be his wife and the pot full of trouble boils over.



Leslie Gould is a new author to me. I have read other Amish books, but this one is quite different. I guess the different Amish communities differ from forms of speech to mannerisms. But I found the difference between this community and the ones I’ve read before distracting.

Leslie explained to me that she used language and mannerisms on the Amish people she spent time with and others she’s observed, both in person and in documentaries and recordings. I can appreciate that.

The love story is sweet and the message of God’s love and desire to have a personal relationship is beautifully illustrated. Jonathan comes from a different Amish community and shares with Addie about the love of God.

“But God adores you, Addie. Far more than I even do –which is saying a lot. He wants you to abide in him—to talk with him and follow his teachings. It’s as simple as that.”

The journey to Addie understanding this kind of love and acceptance is a good reminder to us all that God know we are human and won’t ever be perfect. And He loves us no matter what.

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