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July 31, 2013

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New Twitter Trick For All CrossReads Authors

Twitter-ific! is Now Open

by: Staci Stallings

Do your Twitter posts get out to as many readers as they can?

CrossReads is here to help you expand your reach!

Twitter-ific has now opened for the month of August 2013.  With Twitter-ific you can purchase space on the @_CrossReads Twitter feed which reaches 1,700+ followers (and growing!).

For only $10 (for nonmembers and Bronze members) and $5 (for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members), five of your tweets will be sent out to the @_CrossReads list every day for a month!

It’s super-simple to get started tweeting with us.

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Also, we’re proud to partner with the all-new Twitter SOS, a site dedicated to helping you get the most from your tweeting experience (no purchase necessary)!

At Twitter SOS, you can learn to partner with others on Twitter Exchanges, write great tweets, and find other affordable places to purchase tweets on feeds just like Twitter-ific!

Twitter SOS

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Scheduling New CrossReads Book Blasts

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Get People Talking about You and Your Book!

A CrossReads Book Blast might be just the thing to jump start your promotions. Whether it’s a new release or an older title, CrossReads can help you promote it. The price for a Book Blast varies depending on your membership level, but the idea is that an author offers an Amazon Gift Card as the grand prize, and CrossReads will post the contest on at least 25 blogs!

Available Dates:  Sept. 3, Oct. 15


Find out how to schedule your own CrossReads Book Blast Click here!

 Reach our CrossReaders!

We’re here to help you get out the message about your work, but you have to give us things to post.

Silver/Gold/Platinum Members

  Submit your devotionals or book announcements to the blog (new releases, giveaway announcements, etc.)

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We will announce the Flash Giveaway on the author page/group, and the first authors to sign up will be featured on our CR Readers Facebook page to give away 3-5 copies of their book!  Great way to get your work out there FAST!


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Become a CrossReads Book Blast blogger and gain followers for your work! We will alert you of new book blast opportunities as they become available.  You can choose which ones to participate in.  When you participate, your Twitter feed or Facebook Page will be available to those who enter the contest as an entry point.  So, a reader could like your FB page to enter the contest.

For each book blast you agree to host, we will send you the already-formatted HTML code.  All you have to do is copy-to-post and schedule!  It’s super easy!

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 Great Resources for Publishing & Marketing

from the Author Section

Grab these fantastic author resources today…


 More marketing & publishing resources available here!

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