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Thread: About CrossReads

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    About CrossReads

    CrossReads is a community of Christians readers and authors. You are welcome to visit the site to find great Christian books. Join the forums, tell us what you love to read and why, join the conversation, get involved.

    CrossReads thanks you for valuing the message of Christ!

    Visit the main CrossReads site now!

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    Hello back!

    Thanks for creating this great forum for us to discover new books.
    I'm writing on behalf of Reading Harbor a small time publishing company that is
    looking for ways to promote our products to readers who may be interested in us.

    Our staff loves reading a variety of literature, most of it in the inspirational genre.
    A lot of literature nowadays seems to have ambiguous moral themes.
    We are trying to change that.

    Reading Harbor

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    Welcome to the Crossreads forums!
    God Bless,
    Heather Bixler


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