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    I am SarahMyriaCarter, I am the Author of a Christian/ Messianic Judaism Book Series called Seekers. My books for Christians looking for answers on Tribulation and also my views on what God is all about. You don't have to believe in what I do or even understand it but I do ask that you give my stories a chance to get into your heart. I truly believe my books can change the world and how people see the life around them So far everyone who comes to Seekers isn't disappointed.
    Book 6 3.jpgBook 6 is finally here And though it was suppose to be released on the 28th it got bumped back a few days sadly. And like I said before this might be a darker story then the rest I have written, and I went more for a Fantasy/ Science touch More then my other books and this book is a start of a Character Arc so please enjoy This book has flash backs and many moments where you will see his past and how he got to where he is at the start of the book.

    Seekers- Manipulation

    My other books are here…


    Name ✥ David L. White

    Summary ✥ David was once the son of a rich father, destined to take over the family mansion some day. But when his father falls for Essence, life seemed to only go bad to worse for David. He not only loses everything from his home to his family to her. He loses the chances of ever being human again.
    Age ✥ 15
    Hair ✥ black and white
    Eyes ✥ pale blue
    Race ✥ Seeker/Human
    Birthday ✥ January 30th
    R. S. ✥ Single
    Current Occupation ✥ Arcadia to TimeStar
    Current Residence ✥ Nomade

    Has few Seeker powers but on a lower scale, and with his DNA crossed, all the powers come out a hazy white.

    Name ✥ Bellatrix Moon

    Summary ✥ Bellatrix is a Manipulator she tricks you into believing she's this nice kind girl but in reality you don't know who her loyalty is to. She has the powers to of illusions and telekinesis. Though the origin of her powers are still unknown. Ran away from her life as a circus performer and refused to go back.

    Age ✥ 17
    Hair ✥ Bright colors of green, pink, blue and purple
    Eyes ✥ Vivid pink
    Race ✥ Unknown/Human
    R. S. ✥ Single
    Current Occupation ✥ TimeStar
    Current Residence ✥ Foster Care of TimeStar.

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