Today starts the day that my first book on Christian Theology is FREE. Well, actually, just the Kindle Ebook version (which will last until the 31st of July 2017). This book is called: "Brotherly Love: The Gospel of Jesus Christ," and I had actually published it last year. But, in honor of my newest book being published (which is called: 'In the Beginning: It was Spiritual from the Very Start' - which is only $1.99 on Kindle, by the way), I have decided to give a free book promotion. Below you will find the link to my Amazon page for 'Brotherly Love,' and its description:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ will salvage us unto life eternal ... But just what is the Gospel of Christ? Is it the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus, who was on this earth 2,000 years ago? Is that the good news? Yea, verily, that is good news. However, as this book points out, 'to love one another as He loves us' is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. For it is love that kills our outward-man’s ways [Death]; buries him in baptism [Burial]; and causes our inward-man (named Jesus) to resurrect on the inside of us [Resurrection] ... Follow Christian Author Ted Roberts on a journey of spiritual enlightenment that, not only covers the basics of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, but also travels the roads of Godly agape love, and ultimately ends with what true love can actually do for a truth-seeking Christian who needs to know where that journey can lead them. And that journey ends at the road of life eternal, and of a 'spiritually understood' Resurrected body! This book goes far beyond mere Christian Philosophy, but rather shows us a world of wonderment, which is very real, and that can only be understood and taught by God from the True Reality Realm, from which Jesus actually, and literally resides!

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Ted Roberts