The Benediction is written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to unveil the real purpose of Christianity. It is divided into three sections to help the reader follow the sequence of Godís generosity to humankind.
In the first section, the love of God is defined based on Godís dealing with man, and the responsibility of each individual to enjoy the unconditional love of God is explained with useful hints to show a man is truly walking in the love of God.
In the second section, the grace of God is looked into extensively with some of the benefits that accompanied it. And in the final section, the importance of the Holy Spirit which has not been previously emphasised by the body of Christ is unravelled with useful hints on how to enjoy the true Christian life in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
It is an inspirational book for evangelism, new converts, church members, workers, and leaders. And more importantly, it is a book that reveals the very mind of God.

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