The Well, a Novella written by Tara Knight

As a teenager, Autumn wasnít expecting her strict and religious parents to call her bluff when she threatened to move out, but they did and now sheís on her own, trying to survive in a tough world.

Five years later, after enduring hardship and hunger, Autumn reconnects with her godparents, who make her a tempting offer. The feisty high school dropout can live with them, but she must meet two expectations: she needs to get her GED, and she needs to get a job.

Thatís how Autumn, who has serious doubts about Godís existence, finds herself working at The Well, a Christian bookstore. Itís not the job Autumn would have chosen, but itís the one her godmother found for her.

Surrounded by Christians who both accept and challenge her, Autumnís not sure what to think. All she knows for sure is The Wellís manager, Mr. Burke, is gorgeous. Heís also married, but that doesnít stop Autumn from flirting.

As Autumn collides headfirst with trouble at work and in her personal life, she finds herself doubting her own doubts. She asked God to save her once. Sheís not sure sheís quite ready to ask again.

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