31 Days of Praise for Depression: Interactive Devotionals for Spiritual Healing


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Christian Non-Faction - Devotional

Praise is a powerful weapon against depression but many people donít know it or donít know how to apply it effectively. This interactive devotional will guide you through learning and understanding the power of praise by giving you Bible verses that you can read, study, and incorporate into your own prayers.

Your reading each day consists of a scripture that demonstrates praise and worship, followed by a brief devotional. From there you are guided through four interactive activities:

  • Thank God for: Helps teach you to find joy in your life, express gratitude to God, and combat your depression with positivity.
  • Count Your Blessings: Just one simple question to get you thinking about Godís blessings in your life.
  • Actionable Positivity: Showing kindness to others take the focus off of ourselves and creates a more positive environment. Practice them regularly and make it a habit.
  • Prayer for Today: A brief prayer of praise and gratitude that coincides with the scripture for the day.

31 Days of Praise for Depression will teach you how to praise God and develop a spirit of gratitude. It brings you into the presence of God Ė and that is life changing.

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