Cleaning Up the Garden!

Clean up time! This time of year, the die-hard gardeners are in the process of cleaning up all the dead leftovers from last year’s garden. Tenderly caring for their plots, they…

*prune and weed for better growth

*embed stakes in the soil for plants to have strength to grow

*purposely sow seeds for the harvest they desire.

As I studied Revelation 3:19 one day, God plopped a thought into my head. Love it when He does that!

Here… I’ll show you…

In Revelation 3:19, the Lord says, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.” (NKJV)

What does that have to do with a garden? Let’s see.

As I study a verse, I look up the meanings of the words. For instance…

*love used here is the Greek word phileo, meaning to be a friend, fond of, to kiss, be kindly disposed to one, more nearly represents tender affection.

*rebuke means to admonish, convict, correct, reprove, chasten, punish.

*chasten primarily means to train up a child, educate, discipline, correct.

*zealous means to desire earnestly, pursue, strive after, busy oneself about, covet, moved with jealousy.

*repent used here means to think differently, reconsider, to change one’s mind.

Doesn’t sound anything like a garden, you say? God showed me to think of it this way:

He is the Great Gardener of the garden of my life.

Yes, I know, we’ve all heard this before. However, if He loves us, which He does, He says, “As many as I love, I clean up their garden.”

Jesus said, “I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and He prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you. Remain in Me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in Me.” (John 15:1-4 NLT)

Therefore, how can the garden of my life be inviting to others if there is no upkeep? Who wants to look at a garden of weeds and ugly overgrowth?

If I cling to the weeds of sin and the overgrowth of disobedience and circumstances in my life, then they will smother His presence within me, and I will be fruitless.

When I repent and earnestly desire God’s discipline and teaching in my life, I allow Him to prune me, to pull up the weeds, to kick out the garden-eaters, to fasten His stakes of strength, and to sow His seeds of the Word for the harvest He desires in my life. He will discipline me anyway, so it is to my advantage to let go.

God says, “Let Me share the tending of the garden of your life.”

“Joyful are those you discipline, Lord, those you teach with

Your instructions. You give them relief from troubled times.”

(Ps. 94:12-13a NLT)

At a time of physical upheaval in 2000, Lynn Mosher felt led of the Lord to take up her pen and write. With this new passion, she has embraced her mission to reach others through Christ-honoring literature, encouraging them in their walk and offering comfort through the written word. Lynn lives with her hubby (since 1966) in their Kentucky nest, emptied of three chicklets, and expanded by three giggly grand-chicklets, and an inherited dog. You can find out more about Lynn by visiting her website, Heading Home.

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