Christian Author Launch Party

Christian Author Launch Party

**Launch Party**

March 5th, 6th and 7th 2013 ONLY

To Celebrate Our Authors Launch,
We Are Giving Away LOTS of Great Prizes
to Christian Authors!

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Enter Below to Win one of 3 $25 Amazon Gift Cards or
27 other prizes


The 30 Prizes We Are Giving Away…

3 FREE Kindle Books on Marketing for Everyone!

  3 $25 Amazon Gift Cards: Sponsored by,, and Shelley Hitz

27 Author Packages: See a list of the books you could win here.


3 Free Kindle Books on Marketing

Download these three books for FREE during our launch!

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Also, be sure to check out the Virtual Conference over on the Forums after you enter! 🙂  Click here!

Enter To Win 30 Prizes Below

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And don’t forget to check out the author resources that we post on our site and in our forums.

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  1. rethagroenewald :

    It would be so easy if one could write the manuscript and then it becomes a book that is published and marketed while you write the next book. But it doesn’t work that way. I have written my first novel, being self-published and pretty soon the marketing is going to be in my face.

  2. I’m really impressed by this new site. I look forward to group promotions, advertising opportunities, and just hanging out. I’m learning a ton just by attending this launch party online. I’m copying!

  3. kimberley payne :

    I love what you’re doing. Group promotions are the way to go!

  4. What a beautiful site!

  5. I’m happy to be part of the CrossReads team both as an author and a reader. I’m already enjoying talking to readers and other authors. As a self-published author, affordable opportunity to promote my books and connect with readers would be valuable. What about the opportunity to do free giveaways *through* CrossReads, similar to what I can do through Goodreads?

  6. Really like the new site and your mission. Having just started this published journey, I welcome any promotion and instruction you might offer.

  7. Thanks for the launch party! As an author with a soon-to-be-scheduled debut novel, I look foward to participating in CrossReads.

    • Hi, Bonnie! We look forward to you participating as well. Prayers for a smooth transition to newly-published author!

      –Staci Stallings

  8. I love this site. It’s beautiful. and thoughtfully laid out. I intend to use all the opportunites offered and buy the book promo blast thing (just waiting for one book cover to be finished by a certain designer…).

    I always read the interesting discussions, and am gearing myself up to say something (hopefully not too stupid) one day. Until then I’m perfecting lurking.

    • Lotis, we so look forward to hearing from you! And when you speak from the heart, it’s never stupid. God bless you! –Staci Stallings

  9. Michael Fortner :
  10. Hello there, what exactly is the Author Launch Party? I’m a bit confused about what I’m supposed to do. Thanks.

  11. I’m really enjoying this site.

  12. I’m a moderator on the forums and these girls are doing a great job. Forums are the best way to organize and I love forums. Facebook is okay for day to day chatting, but when you need a fact or want a great learning resource blogs and forums are the way to to.

    Samantha Fury
    Moderator. @ Cross Reads

  13. Beth Steury :

    Great site! 🙂

  14. I love all the activity that’s going on here to further the Kingdom of God.

  15. Great prizes and great site! I’m looking forward to more info as I browse through.

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