Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes

By Laura J. Marshall



My hands are wrinkled and dry.  I liberally smooth on the coconut lotion.  Pink elbow length gloves gracefully dangle against the edge of the sink.  I purposely forget to use them in favor of the feel of the hot sudsy water as I grasp each cup and dish.

I wash, add soap, wash some more, feel the smooth clean surface, and rinse.

The dishwasher is broken again.  We’ve gone through numerous ones in the past eight years.  With five boys, that’s to be expected.

They’re growing and changing.

Coming and going.

I add more hand cream.  The last of the soap bubbles pop and I look at the drying rack.

Our dishes.  So many days, years, moments shared over the mismatched plates and plastic cups.

Birthday dinners,

Graduation celebrations,

Special desserts,

Favorite meals,

Homemade root beer,

Loaves of bread,

Grandma’s noodles.

I add more hand cream, the coconut scent wafting on the air and marking this day.

Thank you, God, for dirty dishes.


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