Book Blast: The Swaddling Clothes by Amber Schamel

Book Blast: The Swaddling Clothes by Amber Schamel

swaddling clothes

The Swaddling Clothes
By Amber Schamel

About the Book

Through the ages, many stories have been told about Mary, Joseph and the birth of the Messiah. Stories of shepherds and sheep, kings, angels, and stables. But there is one story that has never been told. One story that has remained hidden in the fabric of time. The story of The Swaddling Clothes.

Mentioned not once, but several times in the Scriptural text, what is the significance of these special cloths? And how did they make their way into a stable in Bethlehem? From the author that brought you the Days of Messiah series comes a whole new adventure critics are calling “intriguing…thought provoking… a fresh twist on an age old story.”

“I get tired of Bible stories sometimes, but The Swaddling Clothes brings the story to life.”

“Heartwarming… truly inspired. A story you will want to read again and again. Rich details and a suspenseful plot will keep you reading while giving you a glimpse of God’s wonderful power and His amazing love.”


Amber SchamelAmber Schamel is a multi-published author of Christian Historical Fiction. Her passion for history and culture has led her to travel extensively throughout the United States, Europe, and the Holy Land. Amber is actively involved in her church and enjoys volunteer work and music ministry. Raised in a family of twelve children and homeschooled throughout her education, she currently resides in the beautiful state of Colorado where she also serves as bookkeeper and marketing director for their family businesses. Find Amber on her blog, or on all the main social media sites.

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  1. THanks for the chance.

  2. Amber Schamel :

    So excited about this giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  3. I like those books, wishing more were centered around Thanksgiving and Biblical Feasts ect too.
    Linda Finn

  4. Do you like “seasonal” books?
    Yes, I do. However, I usually only read them near, or in, the season they are about.
    For example, I will start reading Christmas books in late November and up until Christmas.

  5. Yes, I do like themed stories of all kinds

  6. I like Christmas books.

  7. Amber Schamel :

    I love seasonal books too, but like most of you, I usually only read them during that season. Unless they are also applicable at any time of year, such as the Nativity Story.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone!

  8. Love Christmas stories at Christmastime but all holidays are wonderful!

  9. Yes, I do like seasonal books. It puts me in the mood of the holiday or time of year. :o)

  10. I LOVE Christmas themed books! I don’t limit them the Christmas season either. I enjoy them anytime depending on my mood. thank you for the awesome giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. I do like Seasonal books. I love reading Christmas books in the middle of summer when temps are over 100 here.

  12. I never get tired of Bible stories and would love to win this book. Thanks!
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  13. Kylie Clayton :

    Yes, I love Christmas themed fiction, I haven’t really come across much in the way of Easter themed fiction except in children’s books.
    Thank you for the giveaway. God bless.

    • Amber Schamel :

      Hi Kylie!
      Thanks for stopping by! You know, I haven’t seen a lot of Easter themed fiction either, but I do know of one. It’s called Daughter of Jerusalem by Joanne Otto. It’s about the daughter of one of the members of the Sanhedrin council. I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds REALLY interesting.

  14. Yes, I do like seasonal books with a Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter theme.


  15. Mary Preston :

    I always love seasonal books, especially Christmas.

  16. mary ellen ashenfeder :

    My favorite is Christmas themed books — I read then all year long. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  17. Shelbie Johnston :

    Love seasonal books, especially CHRISTmas one’s

  18. Yes, I like seasonal books

  19. I’ll love to read this book!

  20. I do like seasonal reads, as long as they aren’t cheesy! ๐Ÿ™‚


  21. I like seasonal children’s books most of all! The adult ones? It depends on how I’m doing that season ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Yes! Christmas is my favorite!

  23. I’m not a super fan of the seasonal books, the plot lines in the ones I’ve read seem to be just a bit to neatly tied up and predictable

  24. Carolyn Valdez :

    I do love reading seasonal books and will read them all year round. Also love Biblical stories and can’t get enough of them. Thank you for the giveaway.

  25. Sarah Snider :

    Thanks for the giveaway! Yes, I love holiday-themed books, especially those set in autumn (my favorite season) or at Christmastime!

  26. Donna Johnson :

    I enjoy reading seasonal books all year long. My favorite books to read are Christian fiction books and Bible stories.
    Thank you for offering the giveaway, we appreciate that so much! I would use all the money to purchase more great books that are suggested on Book Blast! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Easter, everyone!! What a wonderful season THIS one is!!
    His in Christ,

  27. Elizabeth Elliot :

    I do enjoy a seasonal book – especially around Christmas!!! really makes the season special

  28. Colleen Boudreau :

    I don’t prefer them.

  29. Great giveaway, Amber! I’ve enjoyed both your books. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. I enjoy Christmas-themed books that focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Thanks for this opportunity!

  31. Thomas Murphy :

    Yes I like “seasonal” books.

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