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Why Advertise With Us?

We realize that you want your advertising dollars to be as effective as possible.   We offer different advertising options to fit varying budgets.  We also believe it is important for you to know the reach your advertisement will get on our site and therefore openly share our statistics with you.  This way you know what you are paying for when you advertise on our site.   Most websites don’t do this.

Stats for 2013 3rd Quarter:

CrossReads Forum Statistics:

  • Threads: 2,363
  • Posts: 2,989
  • Members: 505
  • Active Members: 39

Alexa Traffic Rank

  • 859,540 (Global)
  • 242,924 (US)

When we host special promotions, we get even more visitors.

Graph of Quartlery Website Visitors:






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We have several options to choose from below.


#1:  Advertising on the CrossReads Forums:

We have several advertising banner spots available on our forums.  You can purchase these ads here:


#2:  Book Blasts:

Get more information and sign up for our book blasts here:


#3:  All Other Advertising Options:

For all other advertising options on our website and social media, you can fill out our advertising form here:

If you need more information on the options available, see below.

Check out these pages that are options for Advertising on CrossReads (see below for purchasing info):

Each week in the CrossReads Newsletter that goes out to our readers, we highlight books on these pages.

These books are randomly chosen and we try to highlight different books/ebooks (and audiobooks) in each newsletter (clarity and attractiveness of the cover is very important in getting chosen!)

Also, we tweet about these general pages often on the CrossReads Twitter feed: 

which currently reaches more than 1,000 readers!

Check Out Our Current Advertising
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We currently offer several advertising options on our site here:

or our forum here:

You may need to resize your cover art depending on which advertising option you choose.  You can easily resize your cover art to fit the specifications here.

Please Note: CrossReads requires that all products advertised on our site be appropriate for a Christian audience. Although we recognize that fictional and nonfictional works may deal with graphic subjects and topics, by submitting your ad for approval you agree that your product or book is, in fact, intended for a primarily Christian audience and presents a primarily Christian worldview. “Clean” books, inspirational books with no overt Christian themes as well as overtly Christian books are all welcome. However, be aware that we reserve the right to deny any advertising request that we deem to be inappropriate for our site.

Thank you for choosing to advertise with us!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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The CrossReads Team