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Jesus Is Living Water

Jesus Is Living Water

An encouraging excerpt from the devotional  Arise Warrior Princess  by Lisa M. Prysock

Psalm 87:1-3, 5-7  

1  His foundation is in the holy mountains. 

2  The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. 

3  Glorious things are spoken of thee, O city of God.  Selah. 

5  And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her:  and the highest himself shall establish her. 

6  The Lord shall count, when he writeth up the people, that this man was born there.  Selah. 

7  As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there:  all my springs are in thee. 

I’m sure you will agree that this is an encouraging Psalm!  Because we are grafted into Zion, we can find many of God’s promises to us in the Bible.  Right away, the first verse in this Psalm tells us that our foundation in Him has been established.  The words comfort and remind us of how much the Lord delights over us when we then share the gospel with others.  When we actively do our best to bring more souls to Jesus and turn hearts toward Him, He is very pleased.  We can’t take fancy cars or homes to heaven, but we can bring souls!

My grandfather used to have a saying I heard him repeat often:  “What a privilege it is to serve the Lord!”  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this, especially when we feel ourselves growing weary of the many things we do to help bring in the harvest.  It is so important that we take time to refresh.  They that win many souls will shine bright as the stars of heaven.

I am also reminded that the Lord gives us everything we need to accomplish what He calls us to do for the Kingdom of God.  He provides the water, the sunlight, and the seed.  Yet in His graciousness, He makes a way for each of us to find and have an active role in serving Him.  This passage reminds us of the way He celebrates when new souls are brought to Jesus and come into the Kingdom of God.  The Lord doesn’t just notice; He actually writes down who had a part in this taking place!  What a tremendous comfort to each of us!

I also notice that the Lord speaks of the singers and players on instruments being there.  He delights so much when we worship Him.  He inhabits our praises and we then become more aware of the river flowing from us as we learn to rest in Him and worship our King.  That spring is Jesus!  He is living water!  It bubbles.  It flows.  It winds.  It ripples. It brings life and healing everywhere it goes.  My friend, that river is inside each of us who have accepted Him!  Likely you have heard the verse John 7:38:  He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. May we carry it to bless others everywhere we go.

About the Author:

Lisa PrysockWhen she was thirteen she knew what she wanted to be: a mother and a writer! Lisa says she went on a detour a number of times but the Lord generously allowed both of her dreams to happen.

Lisa M. Prysock is the author of “To Find a Duchess,” a Regency Inspirational Romance and two more Historical Christian Romance books with Kentucky settings in the Victorian Era, “Hannah’s Garden: a Turn of the Century Love Story,” and “Abigail’s Melody,” Volume 1 and 2 in a series titled “The Victorian Christian Heritage Series.”

“I don’t know how it happens but most of my books end up in beautiful England at some point and two start out in gorgeous, rolling Kentucky…”

Kentucky inspires her writing and is home. She is happily married to her husband of seventeen years and homeschools two of their five children. She has a son in college and two stepdaughters, grown. Lisa grew up in the Ohio Valley and also spent her early childhood years in Minnesota on a farm. “Yes, there were chickens, a cow named Daisy and even horses one summer, a huge vegetable garden, fishing and snowmobiles!”

Lisa remembers writing her very first book in kindergarten in Wisconsin, with help from the teacher and a stapler. “It was a book about ‘Curious George.’ I couldn’t spell yet but the teacher wrote words beneath my illustrations for what I wanted to say on each page.” She has been writing ever since. She won a prize for a short story in 8th grade and remembers buying a manual typewriter with her first ever babysitting earnings.

Lisa is a huge fan of the “Little House on the Prairie” series, the “Anne of Green Gables” collection, the Jane Austen collection, C.S. Lewis books, “Heidi,” “Christy,” “Jane Eyre,” and “Little Women.” She loves writing family oriented, classic style literature: a little less conversation and a lot more detail and background. She also loves sharing her faith in Christ with her readers. She believes people just need to know how wonderful He is and attributes her dream of writing coming true entirely to Him.

She gives a portion of the proceeds of her books each month to missionaries and evangelists to further the gospel. She is currently writing her eighth book, and she recently completed “The Lydia Collection.” For more information about Lisa and to find out when her next book will launch, she can be found at:

CrossReaders Book Review: Love A Little by Rhonda McKnight, Sherri Lewis

CrossReaders Book Review: Love A Little by Rhonda McKnight, Sherri Lewis

CrossReads Book Review

Title: Love A Little

Author: Rhonda McKnight, Sherri Lewis

Love a Little

Rating: 4/5 stars

About the Book

Serial dater, Cree Jordan, has lovephobia, but she’s going to have to get over it soon because she’s on an 8-hr flight to Paris stuck sitting between the only two men she’s ever loved. A flight cancellation leaves them stranded in the “City of Love” for 24 hours. Will she be able to get over her past to let herself love again?


What happens when you put two amazing storytellers together? You get a page-turner like Love a Little. I met Cree before in the Jordan series and I couldn’t wait to get her story. I wasn’t prepared for the fast-paced, crazy shenigans in Love A Little. There is an airplane scene that was so vivid, that I felt every moment – I laughed, I squirmed, I rolled my eyes and I smiled at Cree’s moments of tenderness. I also met Wayne and David and both men had me feeling two very different reactions. A takeaway for me as a single woman is that what God has for you is yours. Time, Space and Circumstance cannot interfere with God plans. A satisfying conclusion had my heart smiling. Kudos to Rhonda and Sherri for their collaboration! I am now eagerly anticipating Dream A Little as I am given a sneak peek at the end of the book.

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This review was submitted by: Michelle Lindo-Rice

Please visit their website at

CrossReads Short Takes: How to Get Honest Reviews & Breaking Pride

CrossReads Short Takes: How to Get Honest Reviews & Breaking Pride

CrossReads Short Takes

How to Get Honest Reviews

by Shelly Hitz & Heather Hart

How to Get Honest Reviews

Are you looking for ways to get more honest reviews for your books?

Offering credibility and proof of readership, reviews have the power to boost your book sales. In part two of this book, we share 7 proven ways authors can legitimately increase the number of reviews written about their books. These are strategies we have used successfully to connect with readers and reviewers and now want to share them with you.

7 Proven Ways to Get Reviews

1) Ask Your Sphere of Influence
2) Contact Amazon Reviewers
3) Harness the Power of Social Media Groups
4) Submit to Readers’ Favorite
5) Contact Blog Reviewers
6) Conduct Giveaways to Get Reviews
7) Develop a Book Review Program

Join us in this book as we take you step-by-step through the process of how to get honest reviews.

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Breaking Pride

Heather Bixler

Breaking Pride

So many of us desire freedom – the freedom that is promised to us when we decide to follow Jesus. The freedom from the burden of our sin, the need to be “good enough”, anger, jealousy, and envy. Even though we are believers, we would be ashamed to say that we don’t always experience peace, contentment, and joy in our life. We are looking for the grace that God has so graciously given to us to be real in our life…

Breaking Pride is an audiobook based on one simple truth: In order to walk in God’s grace, we need to tear down the the walls of pride. A lot of believers, even though saved by God’s grace, are still walking in pride rather than walking in His grace. Knowing what pride is and learning to identify pride in your life is the first step to overcoming a life filled with pride. Pride is rooted in fear and leads to anger, jealousy, and envy.

Sin isn’t keeping us from having a relationship with the Lord, it’s our pride. So many of us long to have an authentic and REAL relationship with the Lord, and we long to have the fruit of the spirit filled in our heart. Our desire is to achieve these fruits through willpower. But we do not even realize that the pride that lives within our heart is what is blocking the fruit of the spirit from living within us.

In Breaking Pride, you will learn to identify different areas of pride in your life. Filled with encouragement, Breaking Pride will take you through a practical review of what pride may look like in your life… Let’s stop building walls of pride and start building the foundation of grace within our lives.

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Inauguration – a beginning, an admission and a ceremony

Inauguration – a beginning, an admission and a ceremony

by Rebekah Beene

Today marks the inauguration of a new president. This is historic and amazing. That we have an opportunity to vote is something many countries have no voice about. My parents took voting seriously and I couldn’t wait to vote when I was old enough. This is a new day with new plans and new hope for our country. Time will tell but we do have the hope that for believers, God is in control and His plans for our lives are always good.

Oh beloved, God wants you to know this morning that you have been inaugurated! Although there was no vote of angels to put you where you are, Jesus went to the cross so that you can have a new beginning. But more than that. So you could be admitted into heaven. But oh more than that! He wants you to know that it is quite the ceremony that you said yes to Christ! You are the person for this hour! You have the credentials of heaven and the seal of the Cross! You may feel like an outsider and that you don’t have what it takes. But beloved, you are in Christ! You’ve been made authentic in the power of the Holy Spirit. You may feel small and insignificant and unworthy. But God says you are chosen, called, anointed and appointed. This is what you were born for. To be an ambassador of heaven and a foreteller of glory!

Lay aside those things which try to convince you that you’ve missed it or that you don’t have what it takes. This is your greatest adventure! You’ve been inducted into the hall of fame – and you will live your life for the fame of the Savior! The things you think you can’t do are just stepping stones to the life of faith you can live!

God loves you and He’s for you! Rejoice in His abilities working within you. Rest in His promises living inside of you. And Go forth into His calling with no looking back! God is always with you and your life is going to be a beacon of hope to many others as you live in the Light of His Mercy and Grace!

Deuteronomy 7:6 For you are a holy people, who belong to the LORD your God. Of all the people on earth, the LORD your God has chosen you to be His own special treasure.

John 15:16 You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit–fruit that will last–and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. NIV

2 Peter 1:3 By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the one who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence.

About the Author:

Rebekah Beene

In a Christian Women’s meeting in 1983, Rebekah was given a prophetic message that she would write books. Several years ago she began writing stories about special holiday memories and travels, sharing God’s love and care through each story. God has gifted Rebekah with the ability to look at the natural and see the supernatural. Both Rebekah and her husband Danny have a heart to share the Gospel and the riches of life in Christ to everyone they meet. They have served in the local church and in ministry to motorcyclists. Danny is an ordained minister and they both have been Bible study teachers for many years. Rebekah also speaks at women’s retreats and conferences. Her tag line says it all “God loves you and He’s for you”.

My website is

My first book in print is Oh Beloved! Live in the Light of His Word.
Link to buying the book via paypal is on the website.
As well a link to purchasing the ebook on Amazon is there too.
I’m also on twitter @rebekahbeene, tumblr
and of course facebook as Rebekah Beene (Warren) I included my maiden name for old friends.
CrossReaders Book Review: Nowhere for Christmas by Heather Gray

CrossReaders Book Review: Nowhere for Christmas by Heather Gray

Title: Nowhere for Christmas

Author: Heather Gray

Nowhere for Christmas

Rating: 5 stars

About the Book

Anything can happen on the road to Nowhere… A journalist and single mother, Avery is used to being in control though she tries to remind her-self to let God take lead in her life. Eli, her son, is happy as long as he has his music, plenty of food, and the occasional adult on which to practice his rapier wit. Gavin, a virtual stranger, is a photojournalist who mysteriously dropped off the scene a few years ago. The trio ends up together for a Christmas road trip to the small town of Nowhere. An eight hour drive in a rental car turns into two days of misadventure and calamity as bad luck seems to stalk them. They get a flat tire, the bumper falls off, the car overheats – and that’s only the be-ginning! Along the way they meet some interesting people – from a bait shop owner who moonlights as a mechanic to a chatty preacher’s wife and a highway patrolman whose wife and mother can’t agree on the best way to remove a skunk’s stink. Hungry, cold, and tired, the three finally reach Nowhere only to discover the town is nothing like they expected. They learn that reaching their destination doesn’t necessarily mean the journey has ended.


Nowhere for Christmas was the first book of Heather Gray’s I have read, but I can’t check out her other books fast enough. It was just what I needed at this time. Avery was assigned to write a Christmas story about Nowhere, Oklahoma. She and her son, Eli had to make the trip with the photojournalist that had been assigned to the story, Gavin. Since they had never met, neither one had any idea what to expect. Gavin thinking Avery would be a man and Avery and Eli thinking Gavin would be an old stick in the mud, everyone was pleasantly surprised. It all started with a rental car mix up from a SUV, to being offered a sports car, to ending up with a hatchback with over 100,000 miles on it. This was one of the funniest books I’ve read. I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. Pretty much anything that could go wrong…did, making this the worst road trip in history. (Or was it?) I can’t recommend this book enough!

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This review was submitted by: Teresa Sapp