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July 28, 2017


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The Fall

by Chana Keefer

Top-Rated in Science-Fiction, Messianic Judaism, Science & Religion, & Old Testament Hebrew

Part suspense, part love story, this epic retelling of the fall of Lucifer — through the eyes of an angel who was once his best friend — examines powerful themes of redemption, good, and evil.

If Steven King, C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien collaborated on a story about our origins and the Garden of Eden, this might be the result.

New Adult and college level readers as well as spiritual seekers of all persuasions will enjoy this challenging, insightful read

Main Characters:

Rapha: A faithful angel who witnesses the cause and effect of Lucifer’s fall from grace. Rapha becomes the mentor/tutor to Adam and Eve.

Lucifer: Beautiful, seductive, brilliant, ambitious, vindictive angel intent on replacing the most high God as ruler of creation.

Adam: Preteen, mischievous, daring, slightly pampered son of the Most High.

Eve/Glory: Preteen, brilliant, curious, fun-loving, betrothed to Adam.

Sheatiel: Gorgeous, pregnant, sex-slave escapee.

Take a journey to the beginning. Pull back the veil on biblical history and mysteries. This is a worldview changer.

The Fall isn’t afraid of collision: spirituality & science; good & evil; truth & deception; religion vs. relationship; grace vs. prejudice — the joy of fairy tales combined with suspense, horror and an epic love story.

Rapha, once Lucifer’s best friend, had a front-row seat for every crucial moment that shaped the world we live in today. This faithful angel wants to tell you his story. But beware, this is not a journey for the faint-of-heart. Ahead there be giants–plus demons, centaurs, mermaids, demi-gods and war that extends from the beginning of time.

In the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Frank Peretti, THE FALL (The Rapha Chronicles, Book 1) melds science fiction, fantasy, biblical fiction, epic adventure and mythology.

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CrossReads Short Takes

Love Begins

by Teresa Slack

Love Begins

“If I wasn’t such a good Christian, you’d be in an orphanage somewhere, young lady.”

Abandoned by their parents, Michelle Hurley and her kid sister Nicole are reminded every day their livelihood depends on a grandmother who never wanted them. Nearly twenty years later, Michelle has accepted the fact she isn’t worthy of the love she so desperately needed as a child.

Her comfortable, albeit lonely, existence comes crashing down the morning Nicole abandons her two young children under Michelle’s lilac bushes. Michelle doesn’t want to be responsible for fixing Nicole’s mistakes. Again. Nor does she want to admit she may be just like the grandmother she can’t forgive.

When as old boyfriend re-enters her life, Michelle is reminded nothing has worked out the way she hoped it would. Kyle Swann also makes her realize shutting her heart against the world could be the worst mistake she ever made.

Love Begins is the first installment of the Tender Blessings contemporary series.

This thought-provoking contemporary romance examines the changing dynamics of family relationships and issues. Infused with honesty and humor, it will capture the hearts of readers who love children, understand their challenges and appreciate the many definitions of family.

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Finding Faith

by Melanie D. Snitker

Finding Faith

Single mom Serenity Chandler is determined to do anything to provide better opportunities for her son, Gideon. Moving away from her family support system so Gideon can attend a special school seems like the right choice, even if it means her entire life is about to change.

The satisfaction of helping children and being a part of their lives is one reason Aaron Randall loves his job as a music therapist. When Hope Academy instills a dating policy, he doesn’t give it a second thought. Until the new coworker who’d caught his attention turns out to be the parent of one of his students.

Any relationship between them will put his job at risk. The more time Aaron spends with Serenity and Gideon, the harder it is to ignore what they could have together. With Aaron’s job and Gideon’s education hanging in the balance, they’ll have to rely on faith to find their way.

Finding Faith is the fourth book in the Love’s Compass series.

It can be read on its own, although it does contain spoilers for the previous books.

This is a sweet, Christian romance novel.

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Blog Featured Standard


by Lisa M. Prysock

When I really think of all that the Lord does for us and has done for us, I stand amazed!   In sending His Son, we have forgiveness and salvation through the work of the cross… but He doesn’t stop there.  He loves us and desires to have fellowship with us on a daily basis.  The idea that He wants to talk to me and show me many things, and to have a very real and personal relationship with me, with you, with each and every one of us is yet another wonderful blessing of knowing God.  He never turns us away when we want to spend time with Him, even though sometimes we get busy and don’t take the time to be faithful in this.  He is faithful, even when we are not.

Then there is His provision for us, both in the natural and supernatural realm.  Not only has He given us this beautiful earth with bountiful and ample supplies of fresh air, water, food, and beauty all around us, but He also provides a way for us to have homes, gardens, clothing and other material possessions, jobs and careers, families, friends, churches, schools, communities, neighbors, and purpose… especially purpose in serving Him and loving others.

On top of this, He gives us the freedom to study, create, choose our courses of action throughout each day, and pursue His plans for us… and even a variety of things that are not necessarily the best of what He wants for us.  He gives us great mobility and freedom of choice.

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