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November 24, 2017


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CrossReads Book Spotlight

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Suzanne D. Williams

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Come lose yourself in the romance of Christmas with these 4 clean stories, and put a little holiday sparkle in your day!

“Welcome to Wonderland” and “His and Hers Christmas” are exclusive to this set. You won’t find them anywhere else!


HIS & HERS CHRISTMASKaren and Carlton Mead are, on the outside, a happy successful couple with two smart, loving kids. They have a nice home, two cars, and lots of friends. They are, by all appearances, the quintessential American family.

Beneath the surface, however, eighteen years of marriage have taken their toll, becoming endless bickering over unimportant things.

Faced with the upcoming Christmas holiday, an argument over travel locations causes a larger-than-usual blowout. Karen digs in her heels. She will not spend her days with his family in South Fork. Similarly, Carlton refuses to spend his in Hayesville. And bore himself to death listening to her mother? I don’t think so.

They’ll go their separate ways. She’ll have her Christmas. He’ll have his. Except, soon their mesh of lies becomes more than they can handle, and they have an important lesson to learn – that sometimes, love and family are what really matters.


TV baking star, Padgett Greene, reluctantly agreed to spend her December holidays in Florida with her aged aunt, in spite of her desperate need to cling to her waning fame. It could be she’s passing up her next big opportunity toward success by leaving. She has a well-known boyfriend and walks in important social circles here.

Brutus Pope took the opportunity to meet the woman on TV, having decided with one TV episode that they’d be perfect together. She can cook, and he loves food. Add in, how beautiful she is, inside and out, and their relationship seems like destiny. All it took was one kiss to prove it to him.

But what does a woman with so much going for her need with an ex-con who works at a packaging store? And how can the woman, swept away by the man who plays Santa, set aside her golden future for him? Except in his gentle smile and kind heart she sees the happiness she’s longed for and the true meaning of Christmas.


Laurie Gray and Skelley Black don’t get along. Co-workers at the firm, Atkins & Sons, they frequently butt heads, and usually loud enough that everyone can hear it.

When Skelley saddles Laurie with his most difficult client, their contest of wills reaches its peak. Two people with such determination can’t continue to operate together. One of them has to win, no matter how underhanded they have to act to accomplish it.

Yet, the miracle of Christmas has other plans for their lives, romance and a lesson they should learn. In a series of odd dreams, the woman who’d like to claw his eyes out becomes a favored princess, and the man, who hates everyone, is the king.


Fashion model, Whitney Hobart snuck off to Florida to solve her Christmas blues. A bad, extremely public breakup combined with endless rounds of holiday cheer seems like simply too much to endure. She’ll hide out at a small hotel on the coast, soak in the winter sunshine, and no one will be the wiser.

But when her secret gets out, the problems she’s tried to escape, multiply, and what’s supposed to be relaxing isn’t anymore. The only good thing remaining is hotel manager, Fletcher Collins.

She finds in him a listening ear, a gentle hand, and maybe, just maybe, the greatest gift of all – love.

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Reading is AMAZING!

 CrossReads Short Takes

Genesis: Book of Beginnings

(Journey Through the Bible Book 1)

by Russell Sherrard

Genesis: Book of Beginnings

This book is a Bible Study of the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. The Bible text used for this study is the King James Version (KJV). This Book is the first book in the Series entitled Journey Through the Bible.

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Lainey Sparks

by Laura J. Marshall

Lainey Sparks

What do you do when all you’ve thought important seems like a charade?

Meet Lainey Sparks, worship leader turned Christian recording artist. People look to her to lead them to God but she doesn’t know her motives anymore. Then she’s introduced to Nick DeAngelo, a man with a secret. Could he ruin her reputation and ultimately her career? Or is he the only one she knows to lean on when tragedy strikes?

The first book in the Faith & Fame series. Novella Length Christian Romances.

Lainey Sparks – Lead Singer of Christian Band, Depth

Stormy Towne – Heiress to the Towne Fortune

Caroline Winters – Food TV Celebrity Chef

Nick eyed Colin’s retreating form, afraid to look down at the desk. With a sigh, he pulled his chair back around from where it’d spun and sat down. Pulling the newspaper close, he opened it flat, reading the headline, Lainey Sparks LA Lovin’. Disgusted, he forced his eyes to focus on the pictures. A lot of leg showing in one, Lainey was seated in a limo with a man bending forward kissing her cheek. There were more photos of them holding hands, smiling, and a grainy photo of them seated eating dinner.

His heart tore. He wanted to gasp and shake his head violently, expelling the images. But he fought it as every nerve-ending in his flesh beat at his brain to move and react. He neatly folded the paper, opening the briefcase at his feet to shove it inside. All the world’s a stage and he was its number one sucker. This is what I get for falling in love with a star.

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Blog Featured Standard

The Story of My Life

by Suzanne D. Williams

ou know how we lived among you. You remember how you set yourselves to copy us, and through us, Christ himself. You remember how, although accepting the message meant bitter persecution, yet you experienced the joy of the Holy Spirit. You thus became examples to all who believe in Macedonia and Achaia. You have become a sort of sounding-board from which the Word of the Lord has rung out, not only in Macedonia and Achaia but everywhere where the story of your faith in God has become known. We find we don’t have to tell people about it. They tell us the story of our coming to you: how you turned from idols to serve the true living God, and how your whole lives now look forward to the coming of his Son from heaven—the Son Jesus, whom God raised from the dead, and who personally delivered us from the judgment which hung over our heads. (1Th 1:6-10 PHILLIPS)

I heard my mother tell the same story for the thousandth time and dismissed it as yet another retelling. Truth is, I’ve heard her tell many stories many times. They are like old hat to me now, so much I can recite them.

My mom is a Bible teacher, and for 17+ years I have edited her sermons for resale. You’d think hearing her speak would get old, especially since I know all the stories, but instead, it’s become my most enjoyable part of the week. I have my own office. I am, for most points, my own boss. If I need to know something, I walk out and just talk to Mom.

We have lunch together twice a week. We don’t talk about anything important, necessarily, but, looking back, it’s the togetherness that matters. It’s the fact I’ve spent so much time with her and Dad that I have all these memories, this comfortable “Thanksgiving” feeling that causes people to travel hundreds of miles, or perhaps only ten, to sit around a table each year.

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Psalm 119  Love is a Rose Under the Sun


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